Office Big Butt In short Skirt Secretary

big butt secretary

Big Butt Secretary

It was late, probably past 8 at night, and most everyone had already gone home from the office. She and I were still at work project that needed to get done right away. I was having a hard time concentrating with that gorgeous woman around. Today she was wearing that short white skirt that had slits in the side of the leg. The exciting part of this skirt was that it allowed me to see her delicious big round butt every time she moved around in her chair. Underneath her skirt she was most likely wearing a thong because most of her plump ass cheeks were visible. I was trying to think and focus on my work but it was very hard, because my enormously stiff cock was about ready to explode out of my pants. The only thing that I could think about was that marvelous round butt of hers in that extremely tight and short skirt. As she was sitting there I looked up at her and caught her gazing in my direction. She quickly shifted her eyes back down to her work. A few moments later I was tempted to look in her direction again. This time she looked up and caught me looking at her. This time she did not look away but very slowly crossed and uncrossed her legs gave me a flash of her between the legs panty  gusset. I could not help but stare at that extremely hot sight, and had trouble closing my mouth. We continued working for a bit , or I at least pretended to, hard to concetrate on work with a monster boner throbbing in the pants. All of a sudden she got up and went to a filing cabinet across from desk and bent over from the waist all the way, to open the drawer and was rummaging for a file in there. Because she bent over so completely her tight skirt had rode up her ass and was almost exposing her big butt and thick thighs completely. While drooling there at the table, the only thing I could thick of was to get that huge butt into my hands spanking it first then fucking her with my huge stiff erection. After doing that show for about a minute or two she found the file she was looking for and retuned to her desk giving me a very coy look. She knew that while she was at the filing cabinet I had been ogling her marvelous behind.   

While she was at her desk I noticed some movement she was stroking the inside of ther leg and moaning softly occasionally throwing glances my way. My frustration had come to a boil. Enough was enough. So I got up and strode up over to her desk and pressed my huge erection onto her lips. SHe quickly unzipped my pants and my huge boner dropped out and second later she had it in her mouth sucking on it nice and sloppy. SHe clearly knew what she was doing her blowjob skills were excellent with deep throating.  After a little bit of blowjob, I pulled out and told her I wanted to spank that naughty ass of hers, the one she’d been torturing me with for the whole time I worked with her. I reached under her skirt and lifted it completely exposing her large firm buttocks. I proceeded to spank her nice big butt hard, which she let out quite a yelp on each spank. At the sametime she was telling me not to stop and continue on. Occasionally between spanks I would run my hand between her legs and saw that she had already wet her panties and her lubricating pussy juice was starting to wet her thighs…Then all of a sudden we heard the door open and the janitor walked in and caught us in the act red handed or red assed! Needless to say we jumped up and shifted our clothes on properly. Later on the next day we heard that he had reported us, and we got both fired for our misdeeds, but man I did not regret playing with that sexy big butt milf one bit…See some sexy big butts at Assparade.

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