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I caught Mandy my secretary surfing porn instead of finishing off the report as I asked her to. So I told her to get on her knees on her office chair and bend over with her ass in the air. I stood on one side of her chair, and pulled her to me, I let my hands slide slowly down Mandy’s back until they landed on her tight round ass. Squeezing both of her butt’s cheeks through her tight black dress, delivering a firm but gentle spanking on big round plump buttocks.

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Releasing her butt, I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of her skirt and kicked it aside as well.

As I lowered her pantyhose, she stroked the hair on my head which was still laying between her tits. I pushed her pantyhose off her butt and rolled them down her legs. She raised one leg at a time and allowed me to push her pantyhose off her feet. That left Mandy standing before me in nothing but her silky white panties.

She was moaning and groaning as I kneaded her ass and the back of her thighs. As I was rubbing up and down the back of her thighs, Mandy opened her legs just a little. I continued rubbing the back of her thighs but moved my hands further around her legs. As I slid my hands up the inside of her thighs, Mandy spread her legs a little wider.

I kissed my way down her flat belly. She giggled when I delved my tongue into her belly button. With Mandy still stroking my hair, I kissed my way down to the top of her panties. Slowly and gently, I followed her panties’ waist band with kisses as I lowered them off her hips. I kissed my way down her abdomen until I was in a position to kiss the top of her vaginal slit. I then quickly pushed her panties to her knees. Her pubic mound was covered with a bush of auburn red hair that matched that on her head. When I kissed her in the middle of that bush, I pushed Mandy’s panties to her feet. She stepped out of them, and I tossed them onto the pile of her clothes.

Taking one of her butt’s cheeks in each hand, I pulled her to me and licked the top of her split. “Oh!” Mandy gasped. She spread her legs wide, pivoted her hips, and pushed her pussy toward my face. I gave her slit another quick lick before I reached up and took both of her hands in mine…..See the movie here…

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The next weekend we had nothing better to do so we left and drove to the adult book store our favorite weekend pastime when we could find the time. Now part of our ritual I get to tell her what I want her to wear. I picked out for her purple tights and, skimpy pocketless tight jeans shorts, with a purple wrap around her tits with no bra, and a pair of come fuck me high heels stripper style to complete the outfit. I always encourage my wife to dress like a whore I absolutely love it when she walks around in public wearing clothes that most women would be even too uptight to wear inside their own homes.

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It has been one month since I am having sex with my little  black Sally. I mentioned to her my birthday was coming up and I loved her but I needed to sexperience something new, something fresh.

I assured her that her time will come and she was almost in tears when I pushed her onto the bed and stuck my tongue into her mouth and let her have her first kiss. I was already naked and before long I unbuttoned the girls clothes. I looked at her pussy it was as nice as the other girls and it was as appetizing as even Hannah’s mother’ pussy. Immediately she felt the fingers stroking the lips of her pussy through her thin cotton panties, gently at first and then more insistently until the panties were slipping into the soft, wetness of her sex. My fingers eased past her thin panties into the wetness of her excited pussy and rubbed wetly across her clitoris. Then I stated sucking her nipples, first one then the other, causing the young girl to moan with pleasure. Sally felt her panties slipping down her thighs and then, once more, the two fingers slid deeply into her wet sex and pressed up and back against her G-spot.

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